FPL's Transmission Line Project in Martin County

FPL's Transmission Line Project in Martin County

Growth in Martin County

FPL’s projections show that by the summer of 2012 new facilities will be needed to meet the electrical needs and ensure electric reliability of our Treasure Coast customers. Our job at FPL is to plan responsibly for the future and make sure our customers’ needs are met safely and reliably.

Description of the project

To meet projected demand for electricity in the area, FPL is going to build a new transmission line connecting an existing substation near U.S. 1 and Southeast Pomeroy Street with another existing substation near Jensen Beach Boulevard.

The route for the new line will follow U.S. 1, except at the St. Lucie River crossing, where it will briefly follow the FEC Railway before picking up U.S. 1 again. Where the line crosses the river, the new transmission line will follow the same path as an existing transmission line and will be placed adjacent to the existing line.


Port Sewall Transmission Line Map
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These types of transmission lines are commonly seen along roads and highways in communities throughout Florida. It is the same design that currently exists along the east side of U.S. 1 south of the substation near Southeast Pomeroy Street. The line is expected to be in service in 2012.

Listening to the community

FPL’s project team selected the preferred route for the proposed new Martin County transmission line after evaluating a number of alternatives and carefully considering many factors that are important in siting a transmission line. These include community input, environmental issues as well as engineering and cost factors.

At FPL, we look forward to a constructive and collaborative relationship with our Martin County neighbors to provide safe, affordable and reliable electric service.

Keeping you informed

FPL thanks the Martin County communities for providing information and sharing your views with the project team throughout the route selection process. We thank the citizens who served on the community advisory panel, those who called and e-mailed us about the project, community members who submitted survey forms included in our direct-mail notices to keep the public informed, and those who provided comments during the open-house activity earlier this year.

Until the line is placed in service, periodic updates to this Web site will be made to keep our customers informed on the status. Customers are also invited to e-mail questions or requests for information to:

For more information, visit:

Project steps

January 2005

Route announcement

January 2008

Complete detailed engineering and obtain permits

January 2012 - June 2012


June 2012

Martin County transmission line is placed in service