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How is electricity produced and distributed

Moving power is a transportation story

Electricity travels at the speed of light, arriving at a destination at almost the same moment it is produced. When you flip a switch, it's there. Behind the scenes, FPL employees are hard at work caring for the complex FPL power line grid, so that it can reliably deliver electricity night and day to approximately 8 million people in Florida.

FPL's 71,500-mile, interconnected, power-line network is made up of large and small power lines. The larger transmission lines function like long-distance interstate highways, expressways and turnpikes. The smaller distribution lines are similar to streets and avenues that crisscross communities and neighborhoods.

New lines are needed to keep power moving, avoid gridlock

Many Florida residents and visitors know what traffic gridlock is like, especially at rush hour. Traffic can literally come to a stop. When electricity comes to a stop because of congestion — too much demand and not enough power lines to carry the power — the result is loss of power or a blackout. Depending on the size of the line, overloading can affect hundreds or thousands of people.

The responsible thing to do is to make sure we build new transmission lines to serve customers and avoid traffic gridlock!

  • By building new power lines, we ensure there is a highway ready to deliver electricity.
  • By building new power plants, we ensure there is a location where we can generate electricity.
  • By providing residents with conservation and voluntary energy management programs, we ensure efficient use of our energy resources.
  • Not doing these things can contribute to the kinds of problems California residents experienced with shortages and forced outages.

Customers have told us to build communications into our projects, too

We regularly hear from customers ... and they tell us:

  • Reliable service is important and we expect FPL to plan for the future.
  • Florida and its cities are growing rapidly. FPL needs to provide more electricity for increasing home uses and to support new telecom and Internet uses.
  • When a project's in my neighborhood, let me know and keep me updated.
  • Respect my personal property and work safely and carefully in and around my home, family and business.
  • Do the best you can to try to achieve a beneficial match between community interests and the technical requirements of providing electricity.

We're interested in what you have to say

As we go about building for the future, we're listening and we're talking to residents in communities all over the state. Visit Generating power for our future to learn about the outreach efforts by FPL employees on some of the company's larger projects.

You'll find answers to questions others have asked and general information about transmission lines. Please let us know if you have other questions as well. If you have a question about a transmission line project that's not listed here, please call 1-800-693-3267.