Florida Power & Light Company (FPL): Nuclear Power

About FPL's Nuclear Plants

Nuclear Power

Nuclear power has played an important role in FPL's energy mix for more than three decades and provides a safe, clean and reliable source of electricity.

NextEra Energy Nuclear Fleet

FPL is a subsidiary of NextEra Energy, Inc., which operates a number of energy production facilities across Florida and the nation, including the third-largest nuclear power fleet in the United States.

NextEra Energy has eight nuclear units at five plant sites in Florida, New Hampshire, Iowa, and Wisconsin.

Turkey Point
Florida City, Fla.
Seabrook Station
Seabrook, N.H.
Point Beach
Two Creeks, Wis.
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Nuclear Fission

In a nuclear power plant, the fuel is uranium, and instead of burning it, we use a process called "nuclear fission" — splitting one atom into two. Learn More

What is Uranium?

Uranium is a very dense, radioactive metallic element, naturally occurring in rocks, soil, and the ocean. Learn More

Generating Electricity

Two kinds of nuclear reactors generate emissions-free electricity: Pressurized Water Reactors and Boiling Water Reactors. Learn More

Upgrading Our Facilities

One of the ways FPL keeps customer bills low is to continually look for ways to produce electricity efficiently.Learn More

Power for the Future

FPL is currently working to evaluate the option for construction of two new nuclear units at the existing Turkey Point site. Learn More