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Reliability and Cost Benefits

Nuclear power is an essential proven technology for our fuel mix. It can produce large amounts of electricity for long periods of time before having to stop for refueling. It also provides fuel diversity, which is imperative to maintain the security of our power supply and continue to improve upon our low-emission profile.

  • The Turkey Point nuclear units could add 2,200 MW of clean energy to our system. This is enough to provide energy to more than 745,000 homes in South Florida, providing important fuel diversity for our customers and reducing the impact of volatile natural gas and oil prices.
  • Nuclear energy is reliable baseload generation – it can generate electricity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for as many as 18 months at a time, without any greenhouse gas emissions to the environment.  
  • FPL's existing nuclear fleet has provided clean, safe and environmentally sound energy for more than 35 years and performed at high availability levels (93 percent).
  • Our FPL nuclear fleet has operated at the lowest energy costs of all generation and helps to stabilize electricity costs. It has also been recognized by the Nuclear Regulatory Commission as meeting all federal nuclear regulatory guidelines.
  • Between January 2001 and July 2007, FPL customers saved $8.7 billion in fuel costs thanks to FPL’s nuclear plants. Customers could save approximately $93 billion in fuel costs over the first 40 years of the units’ life based on current fuel prices.
  • Nuclear power was the most cost-effective alternative in eight out of nine potential market scenarios FPL analyzed. Natural gas generation was comparable in one scenario, but without the benefits of fuel diversity and zero greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Adding the additional nuclear units at Turkey Point will allow FPL to turn off more expensive greenhouse gas-emitting energy technologies when reduced demand allows.