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Technology and Safety Benefits

Nuclear energy has proven to be a safe and reliable power source for more than 35 years and safety features have continued to evolve in that time.

  1. The plants are designed and operated with extensive safety and security guidelines
    1. Proven against natural disasters such as hurricanes
    2. Able to withstand a direct impact from aircraft
    3. Extensive and ongoing training for employees
  2. Automatic and redundant safety systems
    1. Support backup systems ensure continued operation
    2. Preventive measures help avoid potential failure of equipment
  3. New passive safety features limit reliance on human intervention required for emergency procedures
  4. FPL has safely and securely stored spent fuel at its sites for more than 30 years and will continue to do so until the federal government completes a permanent storage facility
  5. Key features of modern reactors include:
    1. A standardized design that expedites licensing and reduces capital cost and construction time
    2. Higher availability and longer operating life
    3. More efficiency in fuel consumption, resulting in lower fuel costs