Florida Power & Light Company (FPL): Turkey Point 6 & 7

Turkey Point Units 6 & 7


Clean and Safe Nuclear Power at Turkey Point

Florida Power & Light Company's nuclear power plants have provided clean, safe, affordable electricity for decades, helping keep our bills the lowest in the state and our reliability among the best in the country.
FPL is creating the option to build two new nuclear units at our existing Turkey Point facility near Homestead, Florida. These new units, Turkey Point 6 & 7, would together produce approximately 2,200 megawatts of reliable power, enough for an estimated 750,000 homes in South Florida.

Economic and Community Benefits

Turkey Point 6 & 7 will boost Florida's economy and create thousands of jobs. Learn More

Safety and Security at Turkey Point

FPL's number one commitment is the safe and efficient operation of all of our facilities. Learn More

Turkey Point Units 6 & 7 Project Update

Recommended Order by Administrative Law Judge.Learn More

Protecting Air, Water, Land, and Wildlife

Turkey Point 6 & 7 will provide emissions-free electricity, as well as a robust habitat for wildlife. Learn More

Proven Water Conservation Plan

FPL and Miami-Dade County have developed a plan to cool the new units at Turkey Point and conserve water resources. Learn More

Improving Transmission System Reliability, Enhancing Infrastructure

New, improved regional transmission lines will deliver electricity even more reliably and securely to our customers. Learn More

About FPL's Nuclear Plants

FPL's nuclear plants have provided reliable, affordable, clean energy for decades. Learn More