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Manatee Power Plant News

Florida Supreme Court affirms need determination for FPL’s Martin and Manatee plant expansions (6/21/04)

Construction workers build a food drive (11/25/03)

State administrative law judge recommends approval of FPL Manatee plant expansion (2/19/03)

PSC approves need determination request for FPL's Manatee and Martin expansion plans (11/19/02)

FPL plant receives final land use approval (11/13/02)

FPL provides a Manatee expansion project update to plant friends and neighbors (8/15/02)

FPL hosts "open house" at power plant in Parrish (5/14/02)

FPL seeks state approval to add natural gas at its Manatee plant (5/6/02)

FPL 10-year plan calls for new power resources totaling 32 percent through 2011 (4/3/02)

FPL expansion proposal offers opportunity for new electricity generation using natural gas at existing power plant sites in Manatee and Martin counties (1/15/02)


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