FPL Turkey Point community outreach letter #2

April 2004
Turkey Point community outreach letter #2

Dear Friend and Neighbor,

You may recall that after we announced our proposal to expand the Turkey Point plant by adding a new natural gas-fired generating unit, we made a commitment to routinely share information about both the progress of the new project and other ongoing activities. Please accept our thanks for your interest. You are one of many individuals who have asked us to keep them posted and it’s our pleasure to do so.

The Turkey Point expansion is about everyone’s need for more electricity and meeting growth in southeast Florida by using an existing site, a clean fuel and highly efficient and cost-effective technology. It’s also about working hard to minimize any environmental impacts that may result from adding new sources of electricity for the future.

Selecting the best and most cost-effective resource

When last we wrote in December, an evaluation was still underway to determine if the proposed Turkey Point expansion was the best and most cost-effective resource to serve our customers beginning in 2007. We’re pleased to report that in January, after thorough evaluation, FPL determined that the Turkey Point proposal offered significant savings over alternative proposals. That decision, along with our need for new generation, will be taken to the Florida Public Service Commission for validation this summer.

Earning approval for our environmental permitting and operating plans

Ever since November we’ve also been working to share our plans and gain approval from multiple local, regional, state and federal agencies charged with reviewing the Turkey Point proposal. This review is done according to the rules of the state’s Power Plant Siting Act and other review processes to protect the state’s natural resources and environment and ensure that power plants are built to serve FPL’s customer growth. The next step in the process is a land use hearing on the Turkey Point proposal, which is scheduled for Thursday, April 15 at 9 a.m. in Homestead at the YMCA. A state administrative law judge will hear a report at that time on the project’s consistency with local land use plans and zoning. The hearing is open to the public.

Our application still has a great deal of additional review that will be ongoing by agencies that will give their reports to the same state judge who will oversee another public hearing in Homestead this fall. We then will seek final approval for this project from the governor and cabinet, hopefully early next year.

Community activities

In the research we conducted when we were beginning our community outreach, many people suggested that we come to them to share information about the expansion plans, rather than asking you to come to a meeting, so that’s what we’ve been doing. So far, we’ve talked to about 57 organizations/groups and more than 1,225 people, with more scheduled in the coming months. Please give us a call at 1-866-362-4888 if you would like to arrange a presentation for your club, church or civic organization to learn more about this project and share your interests.

What else is new?

As we’ve been talking to residents of south Miami-Dade, people have asked us to keep them up-to-date using brochures, letters and the Internet. In that regard, our Turkey Point expansion project Web site has a number of new offerings. For example, there is a new photograph of the power plant site and what it would look like with the new generating unit. We’ve also added some new “Frequently Asked Questions,” a new project brochure and two interesting fact sheets. One fact sheet describes FPL’s 13,455 –acre wetlands mitigation bank that is helping to restore and enhance the Everglades ecosystem in concert with the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan. The other fact sheet provides an up-close and personal look at the thriving population of American crocodiles that make Turkey Point their home. Visit us at www.FPL.com/turkeypoint.

One of the most gratifying aspects of working on this initiative has been the conversations we’ve had with citizens, agency representatives and local officials and the relationships we’ve built. We are committed to continuing our dialogue with the community in the months and years to come.

We appreciate the opportunity to share our plans and progress with you and to be a part of this community. Should you have any questions, please feel free to write or call. Again, our project number is 866-362-4888. We look forward to arranging a presentation, answering your questions and hearing your thoughts and suggestions.

Best regards,

Ed Nunez
Turkey Point Plant Manager
Ramon Ferrer
External Affairs Manager