FPL | Budget Bill

The fastest way to sign up for Budget Billing is by using easy Pay Online!

  • 1 Log in or register for online account access
  • 2 Set up or use FPL Pay Online to pay your bill
  • 3 Pay the lower Budget Bill amount on your statement by the due date


Budget Billing**

Pay approximately the same amount every month


Take the guesswork out of your electric bill


Pay only for the energy you use, nothing more


Sign Up for FPL Budget Billing®

First, log in or register at FPL.com for online services.



Important: When you select the green buttons above, you will be redirected to Pay Online. In order to be automatically signed up for FPL Budget Billing®, it is important to please pay the lower Budget Bill amount shown on your bill.

**When you enroll in Budget Billing, your monthly bill statement will show you the difference between your actual energy costs and your monthly Budget Billing amount. That way you can still keep an eye on your actual energy usage and continue to conserve. While this program does not save you money, it's a great way to manage what you pay every month.

On your monthly statement, you will see a deferred balance, which is the difference between your actual bills and budget bills. Because FPL adjusts this balance each month, the payment due never gets too large and is more predictable. This balance also reflects what will be added to or subtracted from your final bill, should you decide to stop using the program.