Reliable and Affordable Service
FPL can power your home for just a few dollars a day

Here are comparisons to some items that you may recognize:
Power for your house
for a day
Grande latte from Starbucks $3.55
Sixteen ounce can of Red Bull from Walgreens $3.99
Medium cup of vanilla frozen yogurt from TCBY $3.59
Slice of cheese pizza from Sbarro $3.29
Six inch sandwich from Subway $4.50
* Based on expected 1,000 kwh monthly residential customer bill in 2012 of $96.78 and assuming a 30-day month.

You deserve to get the most for your hard-earned money. That's why we're dedicated to ensuring that just a few dollars a day will deliver the energy you need to power your life – that's great value however you compare it.

Affordable and Reliable Service

The better we operate our electric system, the more money you save. The less fuel we use to generate the same amount of electricity, the less your bill will cost. That's why we work hard to reduce your fuel costs by employing advanced technology to make our power plants more efficient. These efforts, along with keeping our operating costs down, have helped to keep FPL's typical residential bill the lowest of Florida's 55 electric utilities and more than 20 percent below the national average.

Price is important – and so is electricity you can count on. Whether installing concrete poles, upgrading wires or trimming vegetation, we're doing what it takes to deliver 99.98 percent service reliability, ranking FPL first among Florida's major utilities and in the top 25 percent of all major utilities nationwide.

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FPL provides the most reliable service among major investor-owned utilities in Florida as measured by the industry standard metric for overall reliability (SAIDI-Systems Average Interruption Duration Index, 2010)