June 30, 2006
New transmission line - Miami

JUNO BEACH, Fla -- Florida Power & Light Company today announced the preferred route for a new transmission line that will expand its power line system in northeast Miami-Dade County.

The proposed 138-kilovolt transmission line will connect two existing substations, one located on NE 127th Street and NE 14th Avenue, and the other one on NW 93rd Street, between NW 5th and 6th Avenue, east of I-95.

From the substation located on NW 93rd Street, the preferred route will go north on NW 6th Avenue, then west on 103rd Street, north on NW 7th Avenue, east on 135th Street, and south on NE 14th Avenue to the substation located at NE 127th Street.  Construction of the new transmission line will begin summer of 2007 and will be completed by the summer of 2008.

Continuing growth and increased electric usage are the reasons for the new transmission line.  The preferred route was chosen by FPL following months of evaluation of potential route alternatives, and careful consideration of suggestions provided by customers, community leaders, and government officials.  As a result, FPL selected a preferred route that strives to minimize use of residential areas, and maximize the use of commercial streets and major thoroughfares.

FPL is making project information available on its web site at www.FPL.com/03290152.  For general inquiries about the project, area residents can contact FPL by sending an e-mail to 03290152@FPL.com or by calling 1-800-693-3267.