FPL Files Proposal to Enhance Energy Conservation Programs

May 23, 2006
FPL Files Proposal to Enhance Energy Conservation Programs

Customers to directly benefit and save more money through higher incentives and new programs.

JUNO BEACH, Fla. -- Florida Power & Light Company (FPL) has filed a proposal with the Florida Public Service Commission (PSC) to enhance its energy conservation initiatives known as Demand Side Management Programs. The proposed enhancements include the addition of two new programs, as well as increases in money-saving incentives available to residential and business customers who participate.

The incentive enhancements and new program initiatives are part of FPL’s long-term plan to mitigate the impact of fuel price increases that customers are experiencing, as well as to help conserve resources for the future and increase efficiency of the electrical system.

“We recognize the impact higher fuel prices are having on our customers,” said Marlene Santos, vice president of customer service. “We continue to work hard to develop new ways to help our customers better manage their energy use and encourage everyone to conserve energy whenever possible. After an extensive technology review, we saw the opportunity to enhance eight existing programs with higher financial incentives and develop two new programs.”

The incentives will almost double in more than half of the eight programs, if the proposed changes are approved. Examples of programs with increasing incentives include residential and business ceiling insulation and reflective roofs. For the complete filing, visit http://www.psc.state.fl.us/index.cfm

“We are particularly sensitive to the impact our low income customers are experiencing because of the fuel price increases,” said Santos. “Because of this, we are proposing a significant change to the Residential Low Income Weatherization Program. The proposed changes include increasing the incentive paid for air conditioning system maintenance and the addition of incentives for room air conditioning replacement. Our goal is to make electricity more affordable for customers who participate in these programs."

If approved, FPL’s business customers will be offered two new programs. One provides incentives to business customers who install qualifying heat recovery units, or heat pump water heaters. The other program targets customers with refrigeration equipment that reduces electric strip heater usage.

“FPL is a leader in energy conservation and we are committed to providing energy efficient choices to our customers. These program changes, coupled with other actions we are taking, create a win-win. Our customers win by having more ways to manage their electricity usage and costs, and FPL wins because, through customer participation in all of our conservation and load management programs, we’re better able to manage the need for new power plants. For example, in the past 28 years, 10 medium size power plants have been deferred thanks to these kinds of programs,” said Santos.

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