February 27, 2007
Turkey Point nuclear power plant quarterly siren test

MIAMI, Fla. -- Florida Power & Light Company and Miami-Dade County Office of Emergency Management and Homeland Security will conduct quarterly testing of the outdoor warning sirens around the Turkey Point nuclear power plant at 1 p.m. Friday (3/2).

During the test, sirens are activated for one minute. Before and after the sirens are sounded, a message is broadcast in English and Spanish on the sirens' public-address system stating, "This is only a test."

FPL and Miami-Dade County regularly test the 47-siren system in the 10-mile area around Turkey Point to ensure its operability and public awareness of its function. Residents who have questions about the test may contact the Miami-Dade 311 at (305) 468-5900, which will be activated during the siren testing.

In the unlikely event of an actual emergency at Turkey Point plant, the sirens would sound for at least a five-minute period. This would be followed by official instructions or information on local radio and television.

The 11,000-acre Turkey Point site in southwest Miami-Dade County consists of four generating units using a diverse selection of fuels to produce electricity for south Florida homes and businesses. Two units use oil and natural gas, two use nuclear power and a fifth unit is coming online in 2007 that will use natural gas. FPL seeks diversity in fuel sources as a means to stabilize prices and assure reliability for the future.

For more information on Turkey Point’s emergency plan, please visit the following web site:  http://www.FPL.com/environment/nuclear/emergency_preparedness.shtml.


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