March 28, 2007
FPL reliability improvement work takes place in Palm Beach in April and May

JUNO BEACH, Fla. -- Florida Power & Light Company has scheduled reliability improvement work on electrical equipment in Palm Beach beginning on Monday April 2.  Work on the project is expected to continue until Friday, May 18, with the exception of Easter weekend, April 6-8. The work, which will include replacement of utility poles, of lighting arrestors on poles, and work on guy wires that extend down from poles, is scheduled to be completed prior to the start of hurricane season.

This electrical system strengthening will occur at 36 various locations in the north portion of town. The boundaries for the work will be on and between Angler Ave. and Via Marrilla from north to south and on and between North County Road and N. Lake Way from east to west.

The improvements will take place in three phases.

  • Phase one will start April 2nd along N. Ocean Blvd., between Angler Ave. & Miraflores Dr. with additional work on various rear easements behind buildings.
  • Phase two, which will continue through April 27, will take place along N. Ocean Blvd. between Ocean Terrace and Queens Lane.
  • Phase three will begin on May 1st. The work will take place along N. Lake Way between Reef Rd. and Via Marrilla.

FPL is systematically improving the reliability of its electrical system throughout its service territory. This maintenance or replacement of equipment is being done to continue to provide customers with reliable service.

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