FPL | All about your rates and charges

Description of the components of your bill

Learn about the different charges that make up your bill.

Rates and other charges

View your rates and other charges such as fuel and storm surcharge.

How to read your bill

Learn where to find information on your electric bill. Mouse over each bill element to learn about it.

Deposit policies

Information about our deposit policies and alternatives to deposits.

Tax exemption

Learn more to see if your business qualifies for a tax exemption on its electric bill.

Service charges

Information to help you understand the service fees on your bill.

Business rate options

Learn the difference between energy and demand charges and see if our Contract Rate or Annual and Seasonal Time of Use (TOU) rates are right for your business.


Residential Time of Use rate

See frequently asked questions about our Residential Time of Use (TOU) rate to determine if it is right for your home.

Non-Standard Meter Option

If you prefer an alternative to FPL’s standard meter, a non-standard option is available for an additional fee.