FPL - Let’s tackle fuel costs NOW

Fuel and Your Bill

FPLs Power Plants are Very Fuel Efficient and Continue to Improve

The company has taken numerous steps to mitigate the impact of fuel costs by improving the efficiency of its existing plants and building new generation facilities with low or no fuel costs.

We are Committed to Helping You Manage Your Electricity Usage

FPL offers options to its customers to help them manage their monthly electric bills. Learn more about programs and services available to help you save.

Help For Seniors And Those On Fixed Incomes

Of particular concern to FPL are our many senior customers and those on low, fixed incomes who may have difficulty adjusting to higher bills. Learn about the services available.

Electricity: Still A Good Value

Paying more for anything -- whether it’s insurance, gasoline for transportation or the electric bill -- is never easy. But, when compared to other things we purchase, electricity is still a good value.

Ways To Achieve Greater Energy Efficiency
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