FPL | Email Bill Discontinue

Discontinue FPL E-Mail Bill

We are sorry to hear that you are considering discontinuing FPL E-Mail Bill®.

Remember, the many benefits of FPL E-Mail Bill include:

  • Fast access to 24 months of billing and payment history
  • The ability to view and print 6 months of electronic bill statements
  • A reminder e-mail of when payment is due
  • An environmentally-friendly, paper-free bill

If you are discontinuing because you are having difficulty receiving the monthly e-mail notification, update your e-mail address now.

If you are having other issues with the program, please contact us and we would be glad to assist in any way we can. E-mail Us | Call Us

We encourage you to remain on the program to continue to realize the many benefits of FPL E-Mail Bill. However if you still wish, you can discontinue FPL E-Mail Bill.

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