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Getting Your Power To You: Equipment Attached To Your Home

Service Drop or Cable line that attaches to your home.


Service Drop/Cable

A service drop or service cable connects the transformer to the weatherhead or downpipe of a home or business. Service drops are the overhead lines that connect an aerial transformer to a weatherhead. Service cables are underground lines that connect an aerial or padmount transformer to a downpipe via an underground route. Both the service drop and cable are insulated wires.





A weatherhead or downpipe routes the service drop/cable to the meter can at your home or business. The weatherhead and the downpipe are the property of the owner of the home or business.



Meter can and electric meter

The meter can is the metal box that protects the electric meter. The electric meter is a device with several dials that measures how much electricity has been used. The electricity flows through the meter into the internal wiring of your home or business. For security and safety reasons, it is locked down using a metal ring and is sealed with a tamper-proof tag.


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