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Getting Your Power to You: Major Equipment

FPL pole's identification stamp.Poles

FPL uses both wood and concrete poles to support its overhead power lines and equipment. Poles range in shape and size. Many poles are FPL-owned and maintained, however some belong to other utilities. For example, FPL’s wooden poles are characterized by a pointed top while telephone company poles have a flat top. Poles are also stamped with the utility name, class, size and vintage. This is particularly useful in reporting pole conditions to the proper utility.

Did you know?

  • FPL has over one million poles throughout its entire service territory.
  • Distribution poles are usually set 5-12 feet into the ground to secure and maintain stability.
  • We have an enhanced pole inspection program, as part of our commitment to reliability, to assess poles every 8 years.
  • You can report any power pole concerns online.



Power linesDistribution crew member working on an overhead line. (overhead and underground)

The electrical conductor used to transport electricity from power plants to your home is commonly referred to as “power lines.”

Lines in your neighborhood may be placed either overhead or underground. Overhead lines are strung on power poles. These lines are usually bare and are mounted on poles with insulators. Underground lines are installed in conduits under a home or business and are completely insulated.

Distribution crew working on a padmount transformer.

Customers are urged to be very cautious when working around power lines. Always look up when working near power lines or call FPL before excavating near rights-of-way/easements on your property. Also, be sure to stay away from downed wires, avoid standing water and report the condition as soon as possible by calling 1-800-4OUTAGE.



Did you know?

  • FPL has more than 66,000 miles of overhead and underground conductor throughout its system.
  • You may request to convert your service drop power line from overhead to underground.
  • You can report any power line concerns online.

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