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Getting Your Power to You: Other Equipment

A padmount transformer reduces voltage before entering a home serviced by an underground line.Transformers (aerial and padmount)

Aerial transformers, installed on poles, reduce voltage before entering a home serviced by overhead lines.Transformers are used to reduce the voltage on power lines to one suitable for use in your home or business. They can be found throughout your neighborhood, either mounted on a pole or on a concrete pad. On poles, they often look like grey cylindrical devices. On the ground, they look like dark green metal boxes with several FPL tags and warnings.


Insulators vary in size depending on their use in the power grid.


Insulators are devices specially designed to confine the flow of electricity to the power lines. These support the power lines on the poles and prevent any other part of our equipment from becoming energized.


Crossarms may be built in a variety of designs.



Cross arms are used in overhead lines to separate conductors horizontally. The insulators that support conductors are installed horizontally on cross-arm rather than vertically on the pole.


A fuse switch helps to isolate a problem on a line to protect the electrical system.Fuse switches

Fuse switches are used in overhead lines to prevent problems that may occur in an isolated section of a power line from spreading throughout the area. This device functions just like the circuit breakers in your home or business. Upon detecting a problem, the fuse triggers and disconnects the affected section from the rest of the circuit. This isolates the problem and protects the rest of the electrical system in your area.


Risers transition overhead lines to underground.Riser

A riser is an insulator that houses a power line vertically on a pole. Risers are used to transition power lines from overhead to underground or vice-versa.


Non-energized wires help support power poles.

Down guy

Down guys are non-energized wire restraints used to provide additional support to power poles. Down guys are typically used for poles with overhead lines that make turns, terminate or go underground via risers. In neighborhoods, they are characterized as the wires that come down from the pole into the ground at an angle, with a protective plastic shielding.



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