FPL | Getting Your Power to You: Power Plants and Substations

Getting Your Power to You: Power Plants and Substations

Electricity leaves the power plant and enters the grid through a substation.

Power plants

This is where it all starts. Power plants are facilities where electricity is generated. Depending on the design of the power plant, various fuels and technologies are used to produce electricity. Electricity is then transported at high voltages to local substations through transmission lines.


Neighborhood substations reduces electric voltage suitable for local lines.


Substations are facilities in local communities that receive the electricity generated at power plants. The substation near your neighborhood reduces the transmission voltage to a lower level that is suitable for local lines.


Did you know?

  • FPL has 13 power plant sites throughout Florida and one in Georgia.
  • Our fleet of power plants, along with peaking units and purchased power, has a capacity of 25,100 megawatts system-wide
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