FPL | Underground Conversions: Conversion Process

Underground Conversions: Conversion Process

These are steps to convert a community to underground service:

  1. Ball Park estimate
  2. Binding Estimate
  3. Final Design & Securing Agreements
  4. Construction

Ball Park Estimate

  • Customer provides a written request to FPL, which includes:
    • Well-defined conversion area.
    • Any information that would assist in layout of the facilities such as existing utility plans, plat drawings, etc.
    • If this project needs to occur in multiple phases for any reason such as funding, seasonal road closures, concurrent development projects, etc.
  • FPL will:
    • Provide ballpark estimate for the conversion area.
    • FPL reliability improvements plan
    • Provide price for a non-refundable engineering deposit.
    • Establish general easement requirements.

Binding estimate

  • Customer will:
    • Pay a non-refundable engineering deposit.
    • Begin securing necessary easements for underground facilities and above-ground equipment.
  • FPL will:
    • Calculate the cost for conversion of existing overhead to underground facilities (good for 180 days).
    • Provide details on what agreements are required for this project:
      • Underground conversion agreements
      • Customer facilities installation agreement
      • ROW agreements, etc.
    • Provide payment options.
    • Set up a meeting to review final design and charges.

Final design and securing agreements and easements

  • Customer will secure easements with property owners as needed.
  • FPL will:
    • Perform final detail engineering design and determine any changes from binding estimate.
    • Provide necessary documents and paperwork.


  • Customer will:
    • Pay for underground conversion costs less engineering deposit.
    • Install conduit provided by FPL if necessary.
  • FPL will:
    • Schedule work to begin after payment received.
    • Install underground facilities.
    • Connect new underground services and disconnect existing overhead services.
    • Remove overhead facilities.