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Energy Savings Toolkit

Not sure where to start with becoming more energy efficient? We've got you covered! We put together some great features so you can realize true energy savings. And, of course, see some savings on your bill.


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Keeping Bills Low

We know you want to keep your monthly bill as low as possible. Learn the common causes of high bills so you can keep your bills low.

Interactive House

Welcome to our home! Our interactive house helps you visualize how to increase energy efficiency in your home. Come on in and learn how to make a difference on your bill.

Top 10 Savings Tips

Display these top ten savings tips in your home for everyone to see so that the entire family can get involved in saving energy and money.

Seasonal / Vacation Tips

Are you a seasonal resident? We know you face unique challenges so we've put together some tips just for you.

Additional Resources


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Report Power Issues

Please report your power issues here so we can work to resolve them as quickly as possible.

Online Brochures

We have plenty of helpful brochures with useful information and tips. Print out those that best suit your needs.

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