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Back It up, Back It up, Back It up

  • Purchase equipment with built-in backup protection, such as a battery that lets the equipment remember clock and alarm settings after a power disturbance.
  • For a 5- to 15-minute "safety net," purchase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) devices. These switch your computer, or other equipment, to battery back-up during a power loss, giving you time to save data.
  • Regularly back up computer data onto disks or tape.
  • Protect your equipment from power surges with inside or outside surge protection — or for the best protection, use both.
    • Inside surge protectors plug into wall outlets, and then equipment is plugged into the surge protector itself.
    • Outside surge protectors are installed on the circuit panel or electric meter. These prevent damage from lightning but not from wiring or motorized equipment that may cause problems within the home. You'll still need individual protection for computers and sensitive electronics.

Surges can travel through your cable, telephone, satellite and data lines so it's wise to provide surge protection for all of these points of entry.

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