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Checklist for Selecting an Electrician

Here are some questions you should ask when hiring an electrician. There may also be others you wish to ask depending on your specific circumstances.

  • Is the electrician licensed and insured?
  • Does he or she perform residential work?
  • Can the electrician provide references?
  • What is the electrician's hourly charge?
  • Will the electrician provide you with a written estimate for large jobs?
  • Does the electrician provide a service agreement guaranteeing his or her work?
  • Will the electrician let you know if the electrical work requires holes in walls or other structural changes? Are repairs included in the written estimate?

Your electrician's checklist for solving power disturbance mysteries

  • Check for loose connections.
  • Make sure all electrical switches and outlets are working properly.
  • Make sure all equipment is properly grounded and bonded, according to national and local electrical codes.
  • Verify outlets are properly wired.
  • Check that circuits are not overloaded.