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Flickers and Power Disturbances

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Those annoying electric disturbances

Electric disturbances can appear in different forms. Some aren’t even noticeable unless they leave signs such as a blinking clock or a shrunken picture on your TV or computer screen.

Often you can identify the cause of a power problem by observing the symptoms:

Symptom *

Possible Causes

Flickering lights

Sag, Swell or Flicker

Electrical equipment issues

Surge or Spike

Air conditioning interruption

Sag, Swell or Flicker

Shrunken computer or TV picture


Blinking digital display


Computer turning on and off


No electricity in the home

Power Outage

No electricity in one room

Partial Power Outage


What you can do

If you experience an outage or repeated power problems:

* Note: These symptoms can also be caused by problems not related to your electric service.


Flickers are power interruptions that last less than one minute and act like a circuit breaker in your home. Although an inconvenience, they allow the electric system to continue to operate safely and prevent you from experiencing longer outages. Flickers commonly occur when lightning, tree branches, palm fronds or other debris come in contact with our power lines. When that happens, FPL’s system automatically shuts off electricity to isolate the problem area. When the line is cleared, the system resets and electric service is quickly restored. They are also referred to as momentary power interruptions.

Flickers can be caused by:

  • Lightning strikes
  • Tree branches making contact with power lines
  • Vehicle accidents involving power lines
  • Salt spray affecting FPL equipment
  • Damage to underground electrical equipment

Partial power outages

Sometimes, the power goes out in only part of your home. A partial power outage may be caused by a tripped circuit breaker, a blown fuse or a broken connector or wire at one of the service leads to the home. You can troubleshoot a partial or complete power outage yourself by following the steps listed on our outage troubleshooting page.

Sags and swells

Occasionally the amount of voltage delivered to your home or business may briefly rise above or drop below normal. These variations are known as sags and swells and may cause shrunken displays on your TV or computer monitor.

Surges and spikes

Unexpected burdens on the electrical system, often from lightning, can cause a brief but intense increase in the amount of electricity in your home. Your sensitive electronic equipment can be affected by these fluctuations in voltage. You can protect your electronic equipment by choosing appropriate surge protection.  

Electrical interference

Electrical interference can be caused by high-frequency electromagnetic signals, which often result from:

  • Loose connections
  • Bad wiring
  • Problems with electrical equipment in your home


Learn how to solve electrical interference problems on our interference troubleshooting page.

Protect your home

FPL understands that any power disturbance is an inconvenience. That’s why we continually invest in strengthening our infrastructure, use smart technology to prevent outages, and proactively clear vegetation from power lines.

Despite our best efforts, no utility can ever be completely interruption-proof. To learn how to protect your home and electronics from the effects of power disturbances, visit: