Prepare Your Home

Storm Guide For Your Family

We have a storm plan; do you? This page is packed full of tips to help you and your family get ready for hurricane season.

Trim Trees Before Storm Season

Before storm season begins on June 1, have your trees trimmed to minimize their impact on your home and area.

Storm Guide For Seniors

Seniors may have special needs to consider when making a storm plan. This is our most comprehensive guide, designed with seniors in mind.

Helpful Numbers and Links

View our list of resources to help you develop your emergency plan, track the path of a hurricane, get emergency assistance and more.

Storm Safety

Safety should always be your first priority before, during and after a storm. Learn about potential hazards and how to stay safe.

Generator Safety

If a generator is part of your storm plan, be sure to use it properly. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions to keep you and those around you safe.