FPL | Storm Center - How Your Power is Restored

Storm Center —
How Your Power Is Restored and FPL's Commitment to Reliability

Restoration Plans

When your power is out, it matters to us. FPL has developed an efficient, highly organized plan focused on getting back the most power to the most critical community functions first and then to the most people in the shortest time possible. Find more information on how our restoration process works in this section.

We're Prepared to Restore Should Storms Strike Our Communities
We have an experienced emergency preparedness organization to execute FPL’s comprehensive restoration plan.
When the Lights Are Back on, Our Work Is Just Beginning
After restoring power to our customers, the work to restore our system to a pre-storm state is just beginning.

Reliability: Constant Improvement
FPL has several reliability programs aimed towards improving service everyday, rain or shine.
Curious about some things relating to storm season? Read these Frequently Asked Questions, the answer may be at your fingertips.
After the Storm
Now that the storm has passed, what do I do?