FPL | Storm Center | Safety tips

Safety tips

Here are some basic tips to help keep you, your family and your employees safe after a storm:

  • Assume all cables and wires are energized and stay far away from them and anything they may be touching, including tree branches and palm fronds. Call 911 or FPL at 1-800-4OUTAGE, or 1-800-468-8243, to report downed power lines that you feel present a clear and imminent danger to you or others.
  • Keep away from flooded and debris-laden areas because they may be hiding downed lines.
  • If you use a portable generator, run it outside and connect appliances or equipment directly to it. Get more generator safety tips.
  • If you leave your home or business, turn off appliances that may have been on when the power went out, or turn off your main breaker.
  • Avoid driving in damaged areas. You might interfere with rescue or restoration efforts, as well as jeopardize your own safety.
  • If your home has water damage from leaks or flooding:
    • Watch for downed power lines when you approach your home.
    • Once inside, unplug all electrical appliances. Use caution. Do not stand in water when operating switches, plugging in or unplugging electrical cords.
    • When resetting circuit breakers, wear dry, rubber-soled shoes and stand on something dry and non-conductive, such as a dry piece of wood or wooden furniture.
    • If you have any doubts about your home's electrical system or are unsure of how to proceed, call a professional, licensed electrician.

Checking for water damage