FPL | What You Should Know About Temporary Service

What You Should Know About Temporary Electric Service

When temporary electric service is needed

If your home is destroyed or severely damaged, it may not be capable of receiving electricity. You may be living in a tent or RV in order to stay by your home site. Or you may need power to run electrical equipment to help rebuild.

How temporary electric service works

If the power in your neighborhood has been restored but your home is too damaged to receive it, we can help by connecting power to a temporary pole right next to your house. Here's how it works:

1. Before FPL can connect power, you will need to hire a licensed electrical contractor to install the pole. FPL is not permitted to install it.

2. If you do call a contractor, make sure that whomever you hire is licensed by the state. Ask to see a license and a Certificate of Competency (CC) number.

There will be no service charge for connection to this pole or for reconnection back to your home when it's ready.