FPL | If Your Neighbor's Power Is On and Yours Is Not

If Your Neighbor's Power Is On and Yours Isn't

During the restoration process, your neighbors may receive power before you do. We understand that this can be frustrating and we want you to know that there are several reasons this might occur:  

  • Your home may receive power from a different main power line than your neighbors'.
  • The power line to your home may have damage that is more extensive.
  • There may be additional repairs needed before we can reconnect your home.

What you can do

If your neighbors have power and you don’t, you may need to call a licensed electrician for repair work. There could be damage to the power line to your home, the meter box or the equipment carrying the wire to your meter. Once an electrician makes their repairs, FPL will handle repairs to the meter.

If your home is unsafe

Because safety is our primary concern, we cannot connect power to your home until inspectors have determined that your home is safe. If your home is unsafe, please call the appropriate licensed contractor to make the necessary repairs. After the repairs are completed, contact FPL to reconnect power to your home.

If your power source connection is damaged

If there is damage to the connection between your home and the overhead or underground power line, we will work safely and as quickly as possible to repair it.

Our proven restoration plan

After a natural disaster, we work around the clock to get our communities back on their feet as quickly as possible. FPL restores service according to the proven, prioritized process we update annually with input from the communities we serve. Our restoration process focuses on restoring power to the most critical functions first, and then to the most people in the shortest time possible for maximum benefit to the community.