A More Resilient, Sustainable Energy Future for Florida

Amid climate change and frequently severe weather, we’re strengthening our investments in infrastructure, clean energy and technology to better serve you today and build an energy future we all can depend on.
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Stronger, smarter grid to stand
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Advancing clean energy to
combat climate change


Energy we can all
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Building on a proven track record

Delivering America's Best Energy Value

Delivering clean, reliable energy that’s affordable is no accident. We’ve proven smart investments pay off for customers and future generations.

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Bringing FPL's Value to Northwest Florida

As FPL, we're delivering increased reliability and cleaner, lower-cost energy for Northwest Florida.

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Tackling today's challenges, planning for tomorrow

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Always looking over the horizon

Serving you today comes with a duty to ensure we’re ready for tomorrow. Our four-year rate plan aims to deliver you value by making smart investments to make our system more clean, efficient and resilient, and to help drive down fuel and other costs on your bill.

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General Questions

Can you provide an overview of the approved rate settlement agreement?

Our plan will enable us to continue delivering clean, reliable and affordable electricity by investing in critical infrastructure that serves more than half of Florida. Building a more resilient and sustainable energy future that everyone can depend on – including future generations – is essential given our rapidly growing state is on the front lines of climate change and frequently severe weather. For example, the rate settlement agreement accelerates the nation’s largest solar expansion and expands FPL’s highly popular SolarTogether program – more than doubling what’s already the largest community solar program in the United States. Get the Facts

Why did FPL propose new base rates?

FPL previously extended operations under the current base rate agreement by freezing base rates for an additional year through 2021. As a result, we initiated the customary process of setting new rates for the period of 2022-2025.

Who reviewed the four-year rate agreement?

FPL’s four-year rate settlement agreement was developed jointly with Florida’s Office of Public Counsel – the state’s consumer advocate – as well as the Florida Retail Federation, the Florida Industrial Power Users Group and the Southern Alliance for Clean Energy. Vote Solar, The CLEO Institute and Federal Executive Agencies also signed the agreement. The Florida Public Service Commission held a hearing in September and approved the plan in October.

When do new rates go into effect?

New rates go into effect in January 2022.

Documents and Resources

Access the petition, Minimum Filing Requirements (MFRs) and all the documents filed as part of our rate request with the PSC.