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Find out about the technology poised to help your business improve energy efficiency in 2021.

The New Year is just around the corner! With 2020 coming to an end, let’s take a look forward at some of the latest technological developments poised to help your business become more energy efficient in 2021. From solar technology and artificial intelligence (AI) to battery storage and heat recovery systems, you can now confidently add “saving on my business’ energy bill” to your New Year’s resolutions.   

Battery storage units

As the demand for power continues to grow, FPL relies on new, emerging technologies to help keep energy costs low. This is especially true if your business is in a highly energized neighborhood, such as a bustling city.

For example, battery storage units are rising in popularity due to the many benefits associated with using a battery,

FPL is proud to be at the forefront of the battery storage systems trend by building the world’s largest solar-powered battery. The FPL Manatee Energy Storage Center will feature 409 megawatts of capacity – enough to power Walt Disney World Resort for approximately 7 hours! The system, which captures energy generated by a co-located FPL solar power plant, will even be able to store energy to use when the sun is not shining, offering ample benefits for the environment.

FPL also has several existing battery storage systems throughout the region, such as Miami's Wynwood Battery, Babcock Ranch Energy Storage Center and the star-spangled Dania Beach Energy Storage Center. They’re helping improve reliability for thousands of homes and businesses in the area by restoring power faster after outages.

Recycle heat into energy 

If your business operates out of an older building, listen up. Heat recovery systems (HRVS) are the latest technological developments aimed at reducing your energy bill and lowering carbon emissions. In 2021, you can expect even more advancements in the HRVS field, as universities across the country are deeply involved in developing the next generation of heat recovery systems.

Here’s how they work: HRVS’s provide clean air for your employees by recycling the heat being released by your business daily. As we enter the cooler months, your business may be losing this heat in a variety of ways, from your existing ventilation system to boiler flues and more. This means you are not recycling as profitably as you could. HRVS’s can help by capturing about 50% to 70% of heat from the exhaust air that would otherwise be discharged into the atmosphere. Installing one of these units may reduce your air conditioning load by up to 20%!

The process of installing an HRVS to an existing facility is called retrofitting. Many new builds already come with this built-in technology. Check with your building manager for details on the history and architecture of your business and understand if retrofitting is a possibility.

FPL understands that keeping energy costs down is important when running a successful business. We offer a rebate program that helps you pay for qualifying HRVS units, so you can reduce costs while improving your business financial security.

Go solar with FPL

FPL has made several investments in solar to help your business save on energy usage. For example, the FPL SolarTogether program is the nation's largest community solar program that is helping make Florida a leader in solar energy. As a participant in the program, you can choose to get up to 100% of your energy from solar.

How does it work? Small and mid-sized businesses can enroll and reserve their spot in the program. The program will consist of 20 new solar power plants – totaling 1,490 megawatts of solar – completed by mid-2021. Currently, six solar power plants have been completed and 14 are under construction. Once the power plant associated with your subscription becomes active, you’ll pay a fixed monthly subscription charge and start receiving bill credits. Over time, your credits may be more than your monthly charge, lowering your bill.

Solar energy refers to energy captured by solar panels, which absorb kinetic heat from the sun and converts it into electricity. This all-natural method of power has many benefits, including:

  • Reducing your carbon footprint and helping the environment.
  • Lowering energy bills with more affordable energy.

Make the switch to solar this New Year and fulfill your resolution of saving while helping our environment. Reserve your business’ enrollment today and guarantee your spot for when your assigned power plant comes online in 2021!

Automation to help you save

Given today’s technological advancements, you’ve probably heard a thing or two about AI. What if we could apply that human-like cognition to the energy space?

This is what the future holds for businesses everywhere. We’ve already started using AI technology to manage our fleet of drones and to power augmented reality hard hats, which provide our crews with important information about the equipment they are viewing without the need for paper documents. 

AI technology will soon be able to act as an “energy watchdog” for your business, analyzing and calculating your energy use in real-time, 24/7. This AI will even be able to compare your usage to other key metrics to give you the data you need to streamline your business and give you instant alerts or make proactive adjustments when energy is being wasted.

What does that translate to? A whole lot of energy savings for your business!

As we dive into 2021, I encourage you to explore smart, new ways to save on energy while benefiting our planet at the same time. And always remember, FPL offers the free Business Energy Manager tool to not only track your energy usage but also receive customized tips on how you can continue to save on your energy bill.

For more expert info on how your business can save energy all year long, be sure to stay up to date on the latest insights from the Watt’s Team at Watt's Happening.