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Start spring with these tips that will help you save year round

We’re right in the middle of spring, which means it’s the perfect time for some cleaning. While you go through your yard and home, consider making some energy-saving changes at the same time. Plus, remembering these tips could help you win your own energy efficiency prize pack as part of our MythBuster Challenge — read on to find out how!  

Spring savings tips

As you run through your spring cleaning to-do list (hello, closet that hasn’t been organized in a year and leaf-filled gutters), consider the following to save on energy costs at the same time:

  • Wiping down your A/C vent cover? Change the filter and make a habit of doing so within the time frame recommended for your model.
  • Dirty ceiling around your A/C vents might indicates duct leaks. Contact an A/C contractor to perform a duct test to confirm if that’s the case.
  • When cleaning windows, check for air leaks and make sure all seams are caulked, sealed and weather-stripped.
  • When you get to the kitchen, clean under and behind the refrigerator, as dirty coils can reduce efficiency.
  • Before heading out to start tidying the yard, wipe out sliding glass door tracks; dirt that collects here can ruin the airtight seal, allowing heat to enter the home and cool air (and your hard-earned cash) to disappear.

Out with the old, and in with the new. Consider investing in one (or a few) new tools that will help you save month after month, such as:

  • A smart thermostat: These connect to Wi-Fi and allow you to control the temperature in your home from anywhere using a smartphone or tablet. When used appropriately, these can help a single-family home save about 3% of total energy costs.
  • Power strips: Consolidate your plugs and easily turn off a group of electronics at once when not in use. This could save you up to $100 a year.
  • LED bulbs: These last 10 times longer than incandescent bulbs and are about 85% more efficient.

Programs that make saving simple

Looking for more ways to save? Check out these three programs that could lead to upfront rebates and yearlong energy savings.

Consider participating in our On Call program to receive a credit on your monthly bill. This program gives us the option to temporarily switch off your air conditioning and/or heating along with other optional appliances, such as a water heater or pool pump, for short periods of time during periods where there is extremely high electricity demand. Even if we never shut off your equipment, you’ll still receive the credit and can save more than $90 annually. For more details on how On Call works, check out this video.

Alternatively, if your A/C unit is reaching the end of its lifespan or your home is lacking insulation, we have rebate programs to help you save:

  • A new A/C unit will not only make your home more comfortable, but also can help you save money on your energy bill year after year. Find out if you meet the A/C rebate qualifications for $150 toward a new unit.
  • Proper insulation helps keep unwanted heat out, reduces the workload of your cooling system, and can result in additional savings on your energy bill.  Our ceiling insulation rebate offers up to $190, and our Energy Experts can help guide you on what type of insulation you may need when you schedule a free Home Energy Analysis.

Speaking of savings

You could win energy-saving home tech through our MythBuster Challenge! Now through June 20, answer three fact or fiction questions about energy savings for a chance to win an energy efficiency prize pack with products like smart thermostats and outdoor solar lights. Enter today!

For more energy-saving tips and information, check out the Watt’s Happening blog.