FPL supports our agriculture customers

At FPL, your success is our success. When we work together, FPL can help you reduce your agriculture business' energy costs.

FPL programs, incentives and information for agriculture

Each step between the field and the market takes energy and money. FPL can help you lower your energy bills through the following programs and information:

Energy tips for your agriculture business

  • If your agriculture business is seasonal, you may qualify for seasonal time-of-use rates.
  • For crop farmers, reducing irrigation and water pump energy consumption will help you save money.
  • After products leave the farm, cutting energy use in ventilation and lighting equipment will lower electricity costs at processing centers. Optimize your operations and make use of FPL incentives.

Billing and payment options with FPL

Time is money! FPL works hard to bring you a bill that is among the lowest in the state while making it easier and faster to access and pay. Discover timesaving options for your agriculture business: