FPL employees can advise you on energy saving programs

Whether you prepare citrus, sugar cane, winter vegetables or ornamental grasses for the general public, each step between the field and the market takes energy and money. Earn FPL incentives and lower your energy bills through upgrades on the following equipment:

  • Demand Control Ventilation - Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) program works best for businesses whose cooling needs vary greatly. It prevents wasted energy by fine-tuning ventilation and dehumidifying levels based upon cooling needs. DCV reduces the amount of outside air brought into your building when your building requires less ventilation, which increases system efficiency and saves you money.
  • Business Lighting - Upgrading your lighting can give you better lighting results using less energy. We offer a variety of options so you can control your cost savings.
    • Better quality lighting for less cost
    • Incentives of up to $2 per lamp
    • Reduced operating costs every month

A free Business Energy Evaluation is the first step in determining the incentives and energy saving programs that are best for your business' specific needs. Schedule your evaluation today or call our Business Customer Care Center to obtain details on the programs listed above.