How FPL helps industrial businesses

Your company produces the products that make our modern lives possible. FPL supports Florida's manufacturing and industrial sector and provides information and resources to help you reduce energy costs.

FPL programs, incentives and information for the industrial sector

FPL generates the electricity that enables your business to succeed, while also providing information and programs that will help you lower your energy costs:

It's a win-win. FPL's Business Energy Evaluation can help you become more energy efficient and demonstrate your commitment to the environment. Get started today.

  • Florida manufacturing and industrial businesses consume large amounts of electricity in AC and lighting applications. Learn how to reduce your energy consumption in these critical areas and make the most of FPL incentives.
  • FPL's Time-of-Use rates can help qualifying companies save more on their energy costs.
  • Are you being charged for demand? Find information that will help you understand this charge and why it's important.

Billing and payment options with FPL

Time is money! FPL works hard to bring you a bill that is among the lowest in the state while making it easier and faster to access and pay. Discover timesaving options for your agriculture business: