Commercial/Industrial Lighting, A/C and Water-Heating Solutions

Manufacturing and industrial businesses are an integral part of Florida's economy. FPL generates the electricity that enables your business to succeed, while also providing information and programs that will help you lower your energy costs.

The Business Lighting Program enables your business to recoup between 65 cents and $4 for each linear fluorescent light it replaces with energy efficient lamps. Plus, since energy efficient lighting is less costly to operate and improves light quality, you'll save even more on your electric bill. You can also save money in your manufacturing facility by installing occupancy sensors, timers and other devices that minimize lighting consumption in areas that are not constantly in use.

Upgrading an aging chiller and installing thermal energy storage (TES) can help your business's bottom line by reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency. A TES system, for example, allows you to pay a lower time-of-use rate, reduce energy demand and eliminate the need to buy large A/C compressors to meet your cooling needs. FPL's Chiller and Thermal Energy Storage programs save you even more money by helping you pay for installing these systems.

For businesses whose cooling needs vary greatly, FPL's Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) and Energy Recovery Ventilation (ERV) incentive programs can help cut energy costs and prevent energy waste. DCV reduces the amount of outside air brought into your building when your building requires less ventilation, which increases system efficiency and saves you money. And ERV systems work with your A/C to prevent energy waste and control indoor humidity levels, creating a better environment for your employees.

Air conditioning costs are typically the largest part of a manufacturing facility's energy bill. Upgrading your old system to a newer, more efficient cooling system can help offset these costs and lower your electric bill. FPL's Direct-Expansion Air Conditioning program rewards your commitment to trimming cooling expenses through incentives on installation costs and incentives on electronically alternating motors.

Learn more about these energy saving programs by scheduling a Business Energy Evaluation. This free service evaluates your industrial facility's unique energy needs and offers tailored solutions that will help you conserve electricity.

Or, call our Business Care Center at 1-800-FPL-2434 (1-800-375-2434).