FPL supports our essential grocery and pharmacy companies

Your business is an essential part or our community that provides the foods and medicines Floridians use every day. We can help you save energy and better serve your customers.

FPL programs, incentives and information for grocery/pharmacy

FPL can help Florida grocery and pharmacy companies make the most of energy-saving incentives:

Improve your store's energy efficiency. FPL's free Business Energy Evaluation delivers custom solutions to help you lower electricity bills. Schedule your evaluation today.

Energy tips for your grocery or pharmacy business

  • Florida grocery and pharmaceutical businesses can save money by reducing their lighting and AC systems' electricity usage.
  • Your grocery or pharmacy plays an important role after a storm passes. Prepare for storm season and keep track of restoration efforts using FPL's Storm Center.
  • Reflective roofing can help your grocery or pharmaceutical store save as much as 10% on air-conditioning energy costs.

Billing and payment options with FPL

Time is money! FPL works hard to bring you a bill that is among the lowest in the state while making it easier and faster to access and pay. Discover timesaving options for your agriculture business: