Grocery/Pharmaceutical A/C, lighting and refrigeration

Grocery and pharmacy stores supply the food and medicine that are an essential part of everyday life for Floridians. FPL works hard to deliver reliable electricity service that keep your business running, while providing information on how to cut energy costs. Florida grocery and pharmaceutical businesses can save money by reducing their lighting, refrigeration and AC systems' electricity usage.

  • Air conditioning costs are typically the largest part of a grocery store or pharmacy's energy bill. Upgrading your old system to a newer, more efficient cooling system can help offset these costs and lower your electric bill. FPL's Direct Expansion (DX) Air Conditioning Program rewards your commitment to trimming cooling costs through incentives on installation costs and incentives on electronically alternating motors.
  • Replacing your current lighting systems with energy efficient lamps can result in significant savings. With FPL’s Lighting Program, your business can recover between 65 cents and $4 for each linear fluorescent light you replace with energy efficient lamps. Plus, energy-efficient lighting is less costly to operate and improves light quality.
  • With simple improvements to your refrigeration units, your business can save money while enhancing operations. By installing energy-saving devices such as anti-sweat heater controls, insulated and glass-coated doors that prevent condensation and hot gas reclaim technologies, your grocery or pharmacy will reduce electricity usage. Small steps like these can save your store or pharmacy up to 50 percent on refrigeration costs and may also qualify for an FPL incentive.

Learn more about these energy-saving programs by scheduling a Business Energy Evaluation. This free service evaluates your store's unique energy needs and offers tailored solutions that will help you conserve electricity.

Or, call our Business Care Center at 1-800-FPL-5566 (1-800-375-5566).