Don’t let high energy costs slow down your operations. FPL programs help your medical practice lower electricity costs and ensure maximum patient and staff comfort.

  • Improving your current lighting system can save you money on your electric bill. With FPL’s Lighting Program, you can recover between 65 cents and $4 for each fluorescent lamp you replace with energy efficient lighting. Plus, energy efficient lighting costs less to operate and improves light quality.
  • Air conditioning your office and maintaining a comfortable environment for your patients and staff is typically the highest portion of businesses’ energy expenses. Through FPL’s Direct-Expansion (DX) Air Conditioning Program, your office can qualify for incentives for upgrading your old air conditioning system to a more efficient split-packaged, DX air conditioning system.
  • Small steps can also make a big difference on your electricity bill. Certain rooms in your office such as restrooms, storage rooms and hallways, are not in constant use. Installing occupancy sensors, which adjust lighting levels based on room activity, and programmable thermostats, which adjust cooling when a space is unoccupied, is a low-cost measure that can result in significant savings. Using occupancy sensors can reduce lighting consumption between 10 and 80 percent, and programmable thermostats can result in up to 50 percent savings in heating and cooling costs.
  • Another way in which you can lower energy consumption in your office is as simple as turning things off. While occupancy sensors can help, it doesn’t hurt to train your staff to shut down equipment that is not in use at night. Every kilowatt-hour you save by turning off computers, lights and medical equipment can take dollars off your bill.

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