Hotel A/C and lighting

Visitors to the Sunshine State expect to have a good time. FPL works hard to produce the electricity that keeps your guests cool in summer, warm in winter and with plenty of warm food on the table. Discover how FPL can help you save money on energy costs and improve your guests' experience.

  • Lighting your hotel or restaurant can be costly and makes up about 25 percent of your energy consumption. FPL's Business Lighting Program helps you improve efficiency and save money by offering incentives on the installation of energy efficient lighting.
  • Keeping your hotel or hospitality facility cool in Florida's warm temperatures is likely your highest energy expense. Upgrading your current air conditioning system to a newer, high-efficiency model helps you cut costs and operate more efficiently. FPL's Direct Expansion Air Conditioning (DX) Program helps you save even more by covering part of the cost of installing qualifying cooling systems.
  • Upgrading an aging chiller and installing thermal energy storage (TES) can help your business's bottom line by reducing energy consumption and improving efficiency. A TES system, for example, allows you to pay a lower time-of-use rate, reduce energy demand and eliminate the need to buy large A/C compressors to meet your cooling needs. FPL's Chiller and Thermal Energy Storage programs help you find out if these systems are right for your business and cover part of your installation costs.
  • FPL's Demand Control Ventilation (DCV) Program works best for businesses whose cooling needs vary greatly. DCV reduces the amount of outside air brought into your building when your building requires less ventilation, which increases system efficiency and saves you money.

To learn more about how these programs can help your business reduce energy consumption and save money, schedule a free Business Energy Evaluation today.

Or, call our Business Care Center at 1-800-FPL-5566 (1-800-375-5566).