FPL values non-profit organizations

FPL is proud to support Florida’s non-profit organizations. We provide information and low- and no-cost ideas to help you save money on energy expenses – money you can use to further your mission and benefit our communities.

FPL programs, incentives and information for non-profits

Wasted energy dollars can diminish your organization's effectiveness. Take advantage of our energy programs and information to save on electricity costs:                                       


Not all energy solutions require big investments. A free Business Energy Evaluation can help you save money on electricity and allow you to invest more in your organization's programming. Get started today.

See what Big Dog Ranch learned about cutting costs through a Business Energy Evaluation.

Business Energy Evaluation at Big Dog Ranch

Business Energy Evaluation at Big Dog Ranch

Energy tips for your non-profit

  • Air Conditioning, lighting and simple behavior modifications are the areas where non-profit organizations can save the most on their electricity costs.
  • Be prepared before the storm hits! FPL can help non-profit organizations prepare for bad weather and stay current on area outages.
  • Did you know that your organization might qualify for lower time-of-use rates? Learn more.

Billing and payment options with FPL

Time is money! FPL works hard to bring you a bill that is among the lowest in the state while making it easier and faster to access and pay. Discover timesaving options for your agriculture business: