Non-Profit lighting, A/C and plug-in electronics

Don't let wasted energy costs stand in the way of your non-profit organization's mission. FPL can help you save energy dollars that you can use in other areas of your business. Learn how you can save by improving lighting, A/C and office equipment electricity usage.

Energy Savings:

  • Air conditioning costs are typically the largest energy expense for non-profit organizations. Upgrading your old system to a newer, more efficient cooling system can help offset these costs. FPL's Direct Expansion (DX) Air Conditioning Program rewards your commitment to trimming cooling costs through incentives on installation and incentives on electronically alternating motors. That's in addition to the savings you'll see in your electricity bill.
  • Reduce your energy expenses while improving lighting quality for your volunteers and employees with FPL's Business Lighting Program. FPL offers incentives for you to replace inefficient lighting systems with more efficient options. Your business can receive an incentive of 65 cents to $4 for each lamp it replaces. Plus, you'll save on operating costs.
  • Even if you lease, small actions can lead to big savings on energy. Installing devices such as occupancy sensors and programmable thermostats, which regulate lighting and cooling based on room occupancy, is a low-cost measure that conserves energy and saves you money. Occupancy sensors can reduce lighting consumption anywhere from 10 to 80 percent, and programmable thermostats can result in up to 50 percent savings in heating and cooling costs.
  • You can also lower energy consumption in your non-profit by training staff to turn off lights and shut down equipment that is not in use at night. Every kilowatt-hour you save can take dollars off your bill.

Learn more about these energy saving programs by scheduling a Business Energy Evaluation. This free service evaluates your non-profit's unique energy needs and offers tailored solutions that will help you conserve electricity and reduce costs.

Or, call our Business Care Center at 1-800-FPL-5566 (1-800-375-5566).