Professional services/office lighting, A/C and plug-in electronics

The electricity bill is often the largest operating expense for office spaces in Florida.

If you lease:

  • Taking better control of energy usage in your office space can conserve energy and cut your electric bill. Timers can help you effectively manage your lighting by allowing you to schedule and control when it's on or off. You can also use bi-level switching in rooms such as conference rooms to turn off half of the lights in a room when full illumination is not required.
  • Some rooms in your office, such as restrooms and meeting rooms, are not in constant use. Installing occupancy sensors and programmable thermostats, which adjust lighting and temperature when a space is unoccupied, is a small step that can result in meaningful savings. Occupancy sensors can reduce lighting consumption between 10 and 80 percent, and programmable thermostats can result in up to 50 percent savings in heating and cooling costs.
  • You can also lower your energy consumption by simply turning things off. Train your staff to shut down equipment that is not in use at night. Every kilowatt-hour you save can take dollars off your bill.
  • Interior lighting accounts for more than 25 percent of a business' energy consumption, but replacing your current lighting systems with energy efficient lamps can result in significant savings. FPL's Lighting program reimburses you for part of the cost of upgrading your lighting to energy efficient lamps. Additionally, you can reduce electricity expenses by replacing incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs), which use 75 percent less energy than traditional bulbs, and using light-emitting diodes (LEDs) in exit signs.

If you own:

  • Air conditioning costs are typically the highest energy expenses for office spaces. Upgrading your old system to a more efficient one can offset these costs and help you operate more efficiently. FPL's Direct Expansion (DX) Air Conditioning Program rewards your commitment to trimming cooling costs through incentives on installation costs and incentives on electronically alternating motors.

Learn more about these energy saving programs by scheduling a Business Energy Evaluation. This free service evaluates your office's unique energy needs and offers tailored cost-saving solutions.

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