The high costs of hot water can easily put your business outside its financial comfort zone. FPL draws on its energy savings expertise to create programs that help businesses save money and operate successfully.

With our Business Water Heating Program, your business can earn an incentive for installing heat pump water heaters or heat recovery units. And, you’ll notice improved efficiency and lower energy costs. After all, heat pump water heaters reclaim energy from the air, water or ground sources to directly heat water, which is three to four times more efficient than conventional electric heaters. Heat recovery units can reduce your water heating costs by up to 50 percent by reclaiming hot air from your air-conditioning or refrigeration system and using it to heat water.

Businesses that need a large flow of water throughout the day, continuous cooling, and dehumidification can benefit from heat recovery units or heat pump water heaters.

How a Water Heater Works

To qualify for our incentive, your electric water heating system must be:

  • Used to supply water to process hot water needs
  • Installed with a pre-heat tank or special tank controls that minimize back-up strip element use and maximize efficiency
  • Compliant with all local, state and national codes regarding installation and operation of water heating equipment

Breaking down the savings

If a 500 gallon heat pump water heater is installed in a cafeteria kitchen, here's a breakdown of the costs versus savings:

  • Installation costs: $4,500 (The heat pump water heater cost $6,000. In new construction, the HVAC system can be downsized by two tons saving $1,500 on the equipment purchase.)
  • FPL incentive: $1,000
  • Annual energy savings: $1,190 ($1,100 in water heating costs and $90 in cooling costs)
  • Payback period: Three years for new construction and 4.6 years for a retrofit

Start saving today

Contact your FPL program specialist to find out if your business is eligible for FPL's Water Heating program:

  • Doug Cepuran (north area): (386) 254-2457
  • George Baro (east and south areas): (954) 327-3163

Mike Catarzi (west area): (941) 316-7184