FPL Barefoot Bay Solar Energy Center

Advancing Solar Affordably in Brevard County


We are excited to announce that construction will soon be underway for the FPL Barefoot Bay Solar Energy Center. We are currently clearing parts of the land that will be home to one of our eight new solar energy centers.

If you have any questions please call (561) 568-7149 or email BarefootBaySolar@fpl.com


The FPL Barefoot Bay Solar Energy Center is one of eight new 74.5 megawatt solar plants that will begin serving customers by early 2018. These news solar energy centers are built cost-effectively, which means that over their operational lifetime, they will save FPL customers $39 million dollars in fuel and other savings, above and beyond what it cost to build the solar plant. Each plant will generate enough electricity using only the sun for fuel to power approximately 15,000 homes. The solar center will prevent an estimated 118,000 metric tons of carbon emissions every year – the equivalent of removing approximately 12,000 passenger vehicles from the road.

Solar panels Multiple View

FPL Solar Energy Centers Make Good Neighbors

Universal solar energy centers operate quietly, require no water for operation or maintenance, and solar arrays sit low to the ground and can be buffered from sight by trees and other natural vegetation. A solar center does not require staff to operate so it won’t bring more traffic to the area after construction, which is expected to last about six to eight months.

We are committed to keeping our neighbors informed. During the earliest stages of the project, we mailed our neighbors information about the proposed solar center. We invited them to an open house where they had an opportunity to meet our team and learn more about the project. Prior to the start of construction, neighbors were mailed a letter that included who they can contact for more information on the project moving forward.

The proposed Barefoot Bay Solar Energy Center is projected to create about 200 jobs during construction, which in turn will provide an economic boost to local businesses.

Two men doing construction on solar panels

Project Timeline

We have started the construction phase of our new universal solar energy centers. Based on previously constructed solar energy centers, the following timeline is an estimate.

Land Preparation – May 2017
Target Construction Start – June 2017
Commercial Operation Date – 1Q 2018

Committed to keeping you informed

Fact Sheet

For construction inquiries, contact Konrad Flemk at (561) 694-6317. You can also email us at any time.

Barefoot Bay Plant Site

Artist rendering of FPL Barefoot Bay Solar Energy Center

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