Florida Power & Light Company’s large-scale, universal solar energy center continues to have a positive impact on Putnam County and the State of Florida.

We deliver electricity that is cleaner and more reliable than ever before, for a cost that is lower than it was more than a decade ago. We tripled Florida’s solar energy capacity in the last year alone, and now we bring the benefits of universal solar to your county.


Artist rendering of FPL Coral Farms Solar Energy Center.

The solar plant generates zero-emissions electricity for FPL customers – enough to power approximately 15,000 Florida homes and equivalent to removing approximately 12,000 cars from the road each year.

The perfect neighbor

Universal solar energy centers are virtually silent, require no water for operation or maintenance, and solar arrays sit low to the ground. A solar center does not require staff to operate so it won’t bring more traffic to the area during operations.

Cost-effective energy

FPL’s new solar plants are designed to result in no net bill increase for customers by generating savings on fuel and other costs to offset the cost of construction over their operating lifetime.