Making our system stronger and smarter to deliver reliable service year-round

At FPL, we’re committed to delivering electricity you can count on in good weather and bad. Since 2006, we’ve invested more than $2 billion to make our system stronger, smarter and more storm-resilient. For Senior Line Specialist Richard Britt Jr., the work we’re doing to strengthen the grid helps him deliver reliable service every day.

Richard Britt

“FPL’s investments in strengthening our system have made a marked difference in how quickly we’re able to respond to customers. Stronger poles and power lines, as well as smart devices that help us pinpoint issues faster, enable us to keep the lights on and save you money.”

 - Richard Britt

We have made several system improvements since the last major storm season of 2004-05. These include strengthening nearly 550 main power lines serving critical community facilities such as hospitals, police and fire stations, clearing vegetation from 135,000 miles of power lines and inspecting all of our more than one million utility poles, restoring or replacing many of them for more storm-resilient poles designed to withstand winds of up to 145 mph. Our investments to strengthen overhead power lines have resulted in enhanced daily reliability with hardened lines performing approximately 40 percent better than lines that have not been hardened.

We are also deploying smart grid technology that helps us continually monitor and assess the health of the electric system, predict potential issues before they happen and restore power faster following outages. In fact, we’ve installed more than 4.8 smart meters and 36,000 intelligent devices throughout our system, delivering more reliable electric service to you.

“The best part of my job is being able to help customers. A stronger, smarter electric grid allows me to help get their lives back to normal faster than ever before,” added Richard.

Constantly working to improve reliability

Over the last five years, we’ve improved our service reliability by about 25 percent. And, while our service ranks among the best nationwide – 99.98 percent reliable – we’re never satisfied.

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