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We’re partnering with local organizations and companies to drive the electrification of transportation in Florida. If your business is located near a busy highway or corridor, or in a downtown metro area, you can add EV fast chargers at no cost with our easy, turnkey solution. For large corporations with corporate vehicles, electrifying your fleet allows you to enjoy the benefits of driving electric such as cost savings and minimized vehicle maintenance on company cars.

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Public fast charging

FPL EVolution allows you to add EV fast chargers to your business premise at no cost.


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Electrifying your fleet

If you’re interested in transforming your fleet, we can help you make an informed decision and guide you through a custom, turnkey process. 


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row of parked fpl vehicles by fpl electric vehicle chargers
a row of illuminated fpl evolution chargers at Okeechobee City Center Park

Metro area charging

Is your business located in a metropolitan area and offers public parking? Learn more about how you can partner with FPL EVolution®.


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Electric buses

In a partnership with the city of West Palm Beach, the state’s first electric buses for school-aged children are supporting the city’s Parks and Recreation Department. When not in use, the batteries can provide power back to the grid, including during peak times when energy is needed most.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Get the answers to some frequently asked questions about FPL EVolution and more.


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